Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder, Medium

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This Medium size yarn swift is made of solid wood and finished by extra fine sanding (no toxic varnish fume). The Medium size can hold skeins up to 6-ft in circumference. It spins smoothly and makes yarn winding a fun job. The clamp-on base allows it to be firmly fixed at the edges of tables, chairs, benches, or any other convenient locations. It fits edges up to 1 3/4 Inch thick. The craftsmanship on this yarn swift is superior. We avoid wood pieces with scars or blemishes so that our yarn swifts are less vulnerable to breakage and more appealing aesthetically. The ends of metal tying wires are hidden into holes and will never hurt your hands or the yarn.

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8 reviews for Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder, Medium

  • Robert

    Bought as a gift for my wife and loves it. Around 100 balls have been made with this and the winder I also purchased. When stretched to hold the yarn it locks in place easily and securely. Of all the balls she’s made, only a handful have snagged on some points, only because she stopped in the middle of winding the ball or was inconsistent in her speed. She loves the combo of this with her winder and was a good price.

  • SallyB

    More solid than I thought it would be and coupled with the Stanwood Needlecraft …Ball Winder, it’s great!! In fact, I learned something about yarn. I had been winding the yarn myself … you know, the old fashion way – if you have a husband/partner or, like me, yarn on feet??!!. First of all, I found that the Wooden Umbrella coupled with the Ball winder wound my yarn far more loosely than I did when I did it manually. When I asked a veteran knitter, she said this was better for knitting and the project chosen (I’m giving myself away as a beginner !! …). Initially, in my enthusiasm with the two items, I started obsessively winding a lot of my stash. I was then told that it is better not to wind any yarn until you are ready to start your project because even despite a loose wind, the winding will still stretch the yarn. …. I write all this for what it is worth to others. I’m on a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, bottom line … great products!

  • Beady Eyed

    After knitting for years and trying to “hold on to that darn ball of yarn that kept jumping out of my lap,” I decided to purchase this. The great thing is, it helps to create a ball that you call pull from the center and so the yarn doesn’t move. I bought this in conjunction with a yarn ball winder manufactured by the same company. The two work together beautifully to tame all that runaway yarn. Very easy to operate. My grandson, age 10, was eager to help me rewind all my yarn. I showed him one time how to load the skein of yarn on the swift, feed it to the ball winder, and he took over winding all my yarn. Once the yarn is wound with this device, it stores easier and knits so much easier. I highly recommend this item. It is a small investment that will yield great pleasure. I love this!

  • Maureen Ann OMalley

    I absolutely love having this product in my home. I have a TON of yarn (what knitter does not?) and I hated getting to a point in the project and having to stop because the yarn was not wound. Now I can rectify this in a matter of minutes. It is important to pay attention to the direction of the yarn on here, and to open the swift as wide as you can with your skein on it. Those two things, along with a smooth winding motion, will ensure a perfect cake every time.

  • Diane Orr

    Love this swift. Easy to use and works great. I already have the yarn winder from Stanwood so was sure with the reviews I read and my experience with that I would be satisfied. A little more expensive than the others, but I would say well worth it. I hope the screws don’t break as someone said, but I believe they have a replacement so not really worrked.

  • Kelly H

    I had been doing a lot of research on swifts and ball winders and wanted to buy something that would do the job well but not break the bank. I decided to buy the Stanwood. I am very happy with it. I wind a few balls a month. I like the fact that it can be set up and taken down quickly. The wood doesn’t chew up my kitchen table. The mechanism spins readily. The cross bars on the arms are held together with string but I don’t see this as a problem I suppose, if it bothered you, you could replace with wire. I’m more concerned about a smooth spin, which I’m getting.

  • Cierra Shore

    I have used the Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder (Medium size) to wind thousands of yards of yarn! I haven’t had any problems with this swift. The wood is smooth and hasn’t caught even the special yarns (such as alpaca, merino wool, silk & wool blend, ‘economy wool’, et al). The swift is very easy to use and collapses to allow for storage (like when am I really going to store it? But that’s beside the point.).I use the swift w/ my ball winder on a wood t.v. tray stand– no problems; has remained steady & securely fastened to the stand.I am very pleased with this product, and definitely recommend it.**UPDATE**28 March 2015Thousands and thousands of yards later, and this swift is still working great. The strings holding some parts together are finally wearing down a bit, which I expected to happen considerably sooner. I am very pleased with purchase, and definitely recommend this product.

  • Dr JCL

    I got this for my wife because she is an avid knitter and always brings home yarn skeins that need rolling up. And I was the holder of all those skeins as she prepared the yarn. When she told me about this amazing device that would take the place of my arms or the back of a chair, I went for it. She loves it. It works smoothly and easily and after we figured out how to work it and found something to attach it to, it has had regular use. She really has no complaints other than it doesn’t attach to really thick tables so you need to find something thin to attach it to. The price was great – much less than at any yarn shop. We love this item and it entertains the cat.

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