Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift, 2.5-6-Feet (YW-3)

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This tabletop yarn swift is made of solid wood and finished by extra fine sanding (no toxic varnish fume). It is super smooth to the touch and will never snag yarn. It can be easily adjusted by moving pegs to hold various sizes of skeins between 2 1/2-6 ft. in circumference. The bottom has 4 non-slip pads so it does not move around on a table. The winder can be easily taken apart and stored away or carried around. It spins smoothly and makes yarn winding a fun job.

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7 reviews for Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift, 2.5-6-Feet (YW-3)

  • Marilyn

    I wish I had known about this amazing wonderful simple knitting tool a long time ago! I knit with lace weight yarns and I finally purchased this as it took so much time to wind 1500 yards of lace weight yarn from the back of a chair. It is easy to set up and easy to use. I put it on the dining room table , sit and wind the yarn into balls. It is not necessary to have a ball winder as this Amish style swift turns very smoothly as I hand wind the yarn into balls . It also takes up very little space to store. What a marvelous invention! So far I have used it for Jamieson and Smith cobweb, Jamieson and Smith lace weight, madelinetosh lace weight and Harrisville shetland. It works so smoothly and easily.

  • Reeni

    Amazing! I purchased the Stanwood Amish Swift with the Stanwood Yarn Ball Winder together. My photos show the two cakes I turned out quickly. One is a high-end lace-weight yarn, 660 yds. It wound up beautifully and is a center-pull cake. One thing to note is that the wood posts should be put in the holes securely–one went flying in the middle of the skein. Maybe I just got carried away and was going too fast, but you cannot go too slow either. The second skein is the less expensive (but beautiful and extremely soft) yarn that is sold in wrap skeins that do not pull in the center (so annoying). The skein is 200 yds of worsted weight. Since this yarn cannot be spread out the way the hand-dyed yarns are, I dropped it into a large bowl and wound it gently into a cake, guiding it with my free hand. It took some stop-and-go, but did not take long and wound really well. The end result of this one is unwound from the outside instead of center pull since I cannot figure out what I did with the beginning of the skein. I would buy this again, maybe as a gift for my. Sister. I love it and cannot say enough good. I think I will stay up late tonight winding more yarn, it is so much fun! Finally, I am glad I purchased the Amish-style swift because it is uncomplicated and takes up little to no space in the closet. ADDED COMMENT: okay, I did another of the 200-yd worsted weight yarn. IT took me 3 minutes and this time I can pull the yarn from the center. I am soooooooo happy!

  • Jessica R.

    After seeing my aunt assemble the umbrella swift for her yarn projects, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be the best person to purchase one of my own. I’m kinda clumsy so I didn’t want to spend $50 on something that I could easily break.So, I purchased this yarn swift. It arrived on time and packaged simply with 5 pieces: 2 pieces for the base, 2 for the arms and the dowels (I’m counting them as 1). It’s incredibly easy to assemble and take down. The dowels meant for the arms (to wrap the yarn around) are a good height to spread the yarn out and can be easily adjusted from hank to hank in seconds.The entire piece is quiet, which is a big difference I noticed from umbrella swifts (they can be a little squeaky). This is perfect for me when I am winding yarn and my boyfriend falls asleep on the couch.I’m actually incredibly happy with my purchase. I store it in the slim box it came in and assemble it within a couple minutes. It’s sturdy and simple and I don’t need more than that. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and with it being less than the umbrella swifts, it’s definitely worth every penny.

  • Matt V.

    No, I don’t do needlework.But I am married to the world’s best knitter!And she’s so much more than a knitter; for a while now, my wife has been turning Alpaca fleece into roving, spinning that roving into yarn, than using her knitty-knotty to turn the yarn into a hank.But when it was time to turn a home-made (or store-bought) hank into a ball of yarn for knitting, my qualified and highly skilled (!) arms and hands were needed.Any husband that was enlisted to hold apart a hank, and moving it just right while the wife balled up the yarn, can probably relate to my experience and feelings.So for Christmas, I wanted to give her (and subsequently, my tired arms …) the gift of a swift, so she could ball up her hanks of yarn whenever she needed to, even when neither myself nor any of the kids were around to lend a helping hand (or both arms…).She had previously pointed out two different styles of swifts to me: a complicated looking “umbrella” style, and this rather simple looking design.Going with the “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) approach, I decided to go wit this style.And I am glad I did!As it turns out, my wife loves the Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift I got her for Christmas.The swift is easy and fast to put together.She is using it on the table top together with a mechanical ball winder and I can only admire how well it works and how fast it is (especially compared with me holding the hank …).The pegs can be inserted into different holes, accommodating hanks of different length, so her home-made yarn and store-bought yarn can both be used with this swift.According to my wife (who has used an umbrella style swift before) she likes this swift better than the umbrella design because easier and faster to assemble, easier to transport, it uses up less space when stored and works very well.So what could I possibly add to her review? Only that my tired arms express their gratitude! Husbands (and needle workers), you can’t go wrong with this swift.

  • S

    This is a great tool for anyone who works with hanks of yarn! I use this with a yarn winder and it makes balling up yarn lots of fun! This is my second one…I gifted my first to a friend who was struggling with hanks of yarn. She loves it, too! It’s easy to assemble and easy to use. Also, the dowels for holding yarn are approximately the same size as an ink pen. We discovered this when I took my first swift to give to my friend. My husband discovered this and then took the pen to the local hardware store to create a new dowel for it…perfect fit! I’ve never tried an umbrella swift, but it looks like they might be complicated, and they are a lot more expensive. I’m keeping this one for myself!

  • Maria

    Wow; this is great!!!Turns quietly. A tiny occasional wood-on-wood squeak to make the cats happy. Sounds very much like a bird, but only occasionally make even that noise. You won’t wake anyone up if you use it at 2 am. There is no rattle, no bounce, and it stays put on the table without moving, even when you pull on the yarn. You could probably make it 100% silent with a bar of soap, but it’s 95% silent anyway.Pegs fit snugly and remove easily.Turns smoothly.Looks pretty.Wood is unfinished and smooth.Simple, smart and oh so much easier (and works better) than asking someone else to hold the yarn for you.Need to buy a yarn ball winder to go with it, if you want the whole system — which I recommend.Adjustable size from really small to really really big. Don’t worry — your skein will fit.

  • Janis O’Neill

    I dye and spin fibers/yarn. I’ve owned and used umbrella swifts. Very useful tools. Now I have space/transport issues. This little device serves several purposes: From skein to ball, drying microwaved twist setting (wind on and leave to dry)and for measuring yardage as it is wound on (revolution count. A dowel can be inserted into an inside hole and be used to wind yarn onto the swift. Add these features to the tiny box it fits in for storage and transport. I can’t imagine a more practical tool for my needs. Tickled with it!

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