Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn/Fiber/Wool/String Ball Winder, 10-Ounce

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For sale is a jumbo size metal ball winder. This super high quality winder is built to withstand heavy use. In comparison to competitors’ models, our model has the following advantages: (1) We use special nylon material for cogwheels. They are super strong but make much less noise than the metal cogwheels; (2) Our model does not require tools to assemble; (3) Our frame is painted by electrostatic painting so the paint won’t come off; 4) The edges of this machine are super smooth. It won’t leave any marks on your table. This winder can handle about 10 oz. of yarn, which is 2.5 times of what our smaller winder does. It can be clamped onto a table up to 2 1/8″ thick. It is best to be used with a swift yarn winder (Umbrella or Amish style, both available under Stanwood Needlecraft brand names). But you can easily replace a swift with other devices or just simply your arms.

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5 reviews for Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn/Fiber/Wool/String Ball Winder, 10-Ounce

  • Buddy

    I hemmed and hawed about paying this much for a ball winder, but it really is great. the arm nearest the spindle also spins so it winds 2x as fast.My only complaint is the bottom threaded clamp. I attach it to a table that has a small lip, there’s enough depth for it to clamp on but because the crank is all one piece and bent metal I can’t tighten it in place (see photo). If it had a sliding mechanism (like a bench clamp) that would make it perfect.I’ve combined two skeins into one with no twisting.

  • gentlemama03

    I’ve been using a small yarn winder for a little over a year – one with exposed gears, and I’ve been so frustrated with the way the yarn sometimes flies off it, or loosens and tangles into the gears.Ordered this one early this week, and it got to me ahead of schedule…of course I had to try it right away! It was easy to assemble, and wound yarn with no problem. A neat, perfectly tensioned yarn cake was the end result.I will say that I debated between this one and one with metal gears, for durability’s sake, and the nylon gears on this one are a tiny bit rough. However, I watched videos of both in action, and I knew the loud grinding of the metal gears would eliminate any enjoyment in the yarn-winding process! This one is no noisier than my small one, and it winds yarn much faster. All in all, I’m very pleased.

  • PaddyMomma

    So this gem was delivered to me earlier today in the afternoon. It took less than 5 minutes to assemble. The instructions were very clear and they used color photos for demonstration. I made 20 cakes in a few short hours. I wound from 7 oz. skeins. It was smooth and fast and my cakes look great! I am so happy I spent the extra and purchased this quality product. I foresee years of use ahead of me.

  • S. McInnes

    I received this as a Christmas gift, so I’ve had it a few weeks now. I had about 4 large plastic bins full of yarn skeins/balls that I wanted to turn into cakes so I knew this was going to take a bit of time to do. The Stanwood yarn winder did its job very, very well. Set-up was a little bit confusing because the sheet of directions that came with it were not as clear as they should have been. But, I finally figured it out without having to resort to watching a YouTube video. (It was nice to know that that was a back-up plan if needed.)The biggest skeins that I had that I needed to wind into cakes weighed 7 ounces. The yarn winder took care of them easily. They were BIG yarn cakes by the time I finished winding them and I’m glad that I bought this bigger version so that it could handle the bigger skeins. I didn’t attempt to wind anything bigger than 7 ounces because I really don’t think it could have handled that amount of yarn in one cake. I personally think it would be better to turn a 10-ounce skein into two 5-ounce cakes or a one-pounder into three cakes.Depending on the skein of yarn that you are trying to wind, the machine runs very smoothly for the most part but if there’s a “hitch” in the yarn coming from the skein it will cause the Stanwood to glitch and hesitate. If that happens you have to put some effort into turning the crank to keep it going.I helped guide the yarn into the yarn winder. I suppose that you could just let it feed directly from the skein into the machine but it seemed to wind better if I held the strand of yarn coming from the skein with my left hand and turned the crank with my right hand. That enabled me to catch yarn barf before it got tangled up in the yarn feed.The ONLY thing that I haven’t seen addressed here is that once you start pulling the yarn up from the center of the completed cake to actually make something, with time it turns into what I can only describe as a beehive or a silo. I’m not sure if that’s because I have would the yarn too tightly or whether this is just the way the machine makes the yarn cakes. It still works, but it’s just strange that it turns into that shape after awhile. My solution is to go back to the yarn winder and reform the cake again. It takes almost no time at all to do it so it’s not a big deal to me.I have wound probably over 125-150 skeins and balls of yarn since I got this a few weeks ago and I have to say that I’m really glad I have it. I am able to fit my yarn neatly into my plastic bins now that they stack so nicely.This is a well-made yarn winder. It is sturdy. You “get what you pay for” many times and to me this is a top-of-the-line yarn winder. I highly recommend it.

  • Rachel

    Very nice yarn ball winder. I used it first thing to see how big a cake could be made with this winder. I got a full skein of Read Heart super saver wound with no real problems. I did not use my sift with skein as I have found this type of yarn to be packaged nicely with no or very minimal tagles/knots. It worked very well but I did use my hand to just keep the yarn from bouncing too much as it was pulled from the interior of the skein. This winder is very easy to use, I was able to just hold it and turn the handle easily, became even easier to crank it when it was fastened down to a table. It is sturdy, and has a bit of weight to it but not really heavy. overall I love it so far.

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