ArtBin Yarn Drum; Round Periwinkle Knitting and Crochet Tote Bag

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This lightweight tote holds up to eight standard sized skeins of yarn. Yarn in use can easily be removed from tote through lid. Textured PVC base keeps contents dry on wet surfaces. Tote can be carried three ways: easy grip handle or shoulder strap to carry Horizontally or Vertically. Tote measures 13 by 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches, pouch measures 3 by 8 by 3 inches. Imported.

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Gray Print, Periwinkle, Pink Ribbon, Rasberry

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8 reviews for ArtBin Yarn Drum; Round Periwinkle Knitting and Crochet Tote Bag

  • D.Bass

    I have dogs that LOVE to grab yarn if I happen to leave it unattended……. that is the reason I purchased this and it works great. I don’t use the yarn from the top holes b’cuz I think the dogs would grab the end and run so I used it with the top open and just zip it up when I’m done…… so far I haven’t had to rewind any yarn since the purchase. very well made.

  • Ed

    This is a nice carrier I have pets that are always interested in what I’m making. Being able to bring up the yarn from the top stops a lot of animal thievery. Bad part is it doesn’t hold its own shape. Good thing about this is because it doesn’t hold its large round shape I can stuff it between table and sofa again to stop animal theft. Caveat if there is enough yarn in it it will hold shape.

  • Ryan Braby

    Not as bright as pictured, but otherwise exactly the same as photo. Holds a lot of yarn and travels well. Good purchase if you need a little travel bag for road trips to to carry a larger project to the yarn shop.

  • Crazy Eyes

    Gave to my Mom for her skeins of yarn. A tip from another reviewer was that a 2-gallon bucket (I found one at Home Depot) fit perfectly inside to make it stand upright and rigid. Bucket not necessary but it works well. She loved it, and said it worked especially well during a road trip to Florida.

  • Ida N. Zecco

    Nice second bag when you don’t want to take all your knitting with you; especially if you have multiple projects. This is definitely a ONE project bag. Wish it had another pocket on the inside for small things like scissors, needles, cable holders, etc. There is a pocket on the outside, but it is open at the top and if knocked over, you can easily lose those little doo-dads. However, good for extra yarn, folded pattern, etc.

  • J & B

    I am so glad I ordered this! I have a big bulky, plastic, not portable, yarn caddy I’ve been using for years here at home. It’s not made to be portable and it doesn’t even hold any of my projects, except maybe pot holders!) and I was using a large tote to take my projects with me. I wanted something that looked and traveled better. This one holds my yarn and small projects (up to a baby blanket) so there’s no need for a second bag… I usually don’t take large projects with me anyway. I love the optional use strap and the mesh pocket on the front of the bag is the perfect size for my double thick zippered crochet case. There was a slight odor, but it was hardly noticeable and went away quickly. Well worth the small price! (And to the reviewer who used cardboard to help it keep it’s shape when it’s not full… brilliant!)

  • A.V.

    I purchased one for myself and my aunt. I’ve never gone back to any other bag!!! It makes a great gift, especially if the person has never heard of the product.

  • Jen

    I used to loom knit a lot. Then I taught myself to crochet. I have so much yarn!I also have cats. If I didn’t make sure to put my yarn basket away I would have a frustrating mess to clean up in the morning. I’ve woken up a couple mornings to find some of my yarn run all through the house. lolThe Yarn Drum is the answer to my cat/yarn problem and to problems I didn’t even know I had yet!It’s so convenient! It holds all of my working balls of yarn and allows me to continue using them while storing them in the Yarn Drum.It has a pocket and a pouch perfect for holding extra crochet needles and a small pair of scissors.I’ve even taken it on road trips to see our families for the holidays. I left it sitting in the floorboard of the back seat and worked on my project while sitting in the front passenger seat. The yarn dispenses easily! The drum and strap allow it to be carried around easily as well.If you crochet you need this product!!!

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