5 Ball 100% Cotton Total 8.8 Oz. La Mia Cottony Each 1.76 Oz (50g) / 130 Yrds (120m) Super Soft, Dk Light Baby Yarn, Vermillion – P16

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Color:Vermillion – P16

5 Balls La Mia Cottony %100 Turkish Cotton Baby Yarn The propose of La Mia Cottony is for baby. You can trust to use with all baby’s garments, accessories and dolls. Turkish cotton has a reputation of being some of the finest in all over the world. It’s from Turkey that cotton started its migration to Europe, building its status as a luxurious and esteemed fabric along the way. Turkey is reputable for producing high quality cotton products in the world. Turkish Cotton has gained favor due to its long fibers, high absorbency and soft touch. Turkish cotton items can be washed in washing machine. They can be air dried or tumble dried on a low heat. Turkish cotton yarn quality is known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent even with successive washing because of this unique material. Since the soft cotton yarn is super absorbent and lightweight, it makes them dry quickly than traditional cotton yarns. Turkish cotton is great for: 1. Quick-drying items. 2. Pushing water off your skin rather than taking it into the item and loosening the yarns. 3. Preventing mildew. 4. Packing (It’s super packable) 5. Turkish cotton becomes softer and more absorbent after multiple washes. 6. Safe use for kitchen, bath and baby items. 7. Ideal for amigurumi creatures and great for kitchen towels.

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Beige – P4, Blue – P14, Blue – P9, Fuchsia – P6, Green – P12, Green – P8, Mustard Yellow – P18, Pink – P7, Pinkish Orange – P17, Purple – P10, Red – P11, Smoked Grey – P19, Vermillion – P16, Yellow – P15

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3 reviews for 5 Ball 100% Cotton Total 8.8 Oz. La Mia Cottony Each 1.76 Oz (50g) / 130 Yrds (120m) Super Soft, Dk Light Baby Yarn, Vermillion – P16

  • J. Roedl

    I like the yarn well enough, haven’t really had much of a chance to use it yet. I got 5 balls each of 2 different colors, thinking that should be great plenty to knit a baby blanket for a friend. Unfortunately, it isn’t close to enough. And it has to be ordered in a 5 pack-and the last thing I truly need is more “extra yarn” lying around. Now I must decide what to put with it for two-strand knitting, hoping it will be enough.It would have been nice to have been provided a little more information at the time I ordered as to how much there actually was in a ball and how heavy the strand was (i.e. A photo of a strand next to a pencil for a gauge). I could probably use at least 2 more of each color to comfortably finish the project but it will still be in conjunction with another strand of yarn.The long and the short of it? I like the yarn, but I was disappointed with the lack of information about it.

  • sandrade99

    I was not expecting the quality to be so wonderful for the price. Excellent product and excellent pricing. the yarn works up beautifully.

  • Judith

    I really like this yarn but my primary reason for buying it was the color. I’ve been trying to find a collect lightweight yarn for amirgurumi dolls in a color that works for skin. Most are too pink. This yarn is very close. I figure the yarns that are a bit too pink will make other projects.

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